About Us

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, LANZII consists of a small team full of talented scientists, engineers and business professionals. We are team of people who believe in fabric, and who are NOT satisfied with the current structure and offerings in the fabric industry,

Many of us have worked numerous years in the upholstery industry. We understand the frustration of having a messy, filthy fabric sofa; and yet, not many suppliers have discovered a way to change this. We asked a simple question: Is this the way it should be? The answer is a simple ‘no’. Fabrics used on sofas should be easy to clean, not only for high-end settings but for everyone occasion. We simply want to apply easy-to- clean fabrics to every household, everywhere. Our fabric can change the way many people live.

Fabric is a traditional and timeless product mankind has relied on throughout history, evolving with time and down generations. Every slight variation of the fiber and color reflects the beauty of the fabric. Believing that innovation is the key to the future, combined with the finest quality fabric, we proudly present our word class line of fabric; the LANZII performance collection.